Best Air Purifier For Wildfire Smoke 2021

Medify MA-40 Medical Grade Filtration Air Purifier


The Medify MA-40 Air Purifier is an air purifier which actually comes from a Kickstarter company that is based in the USA named, “Medify Air”. The whole product range of this particular brand is fantastic and as its name suggests are all, “medical grade air purifiers” which means they all are there to provide best of the best air quality. 

 MA-40 on the other hand is a perfect example of an air purifier at par on the design as well as performance grounds. 

The Medify MA-40 is a very sleek and modern air purifier coming with true HEPA filtration technology in it, which means it can work with particles as low as 0.2u. The compact body of the product is made with very high-quality plastic coming with a glossy finish. Giving the product a premium touch.

The front panel on the MA-40 has a large air vent meant for the fresh air to come out, an air quality status indicator and the company branding. The air quality indicator lights on this one are blue, green, and red summing to good, ordinary, and poor air quality, respectively. On the back side, there is a large air inlet, the particle sensor, and a handle. The filters for this one come in a set so installation and removal should not be a problem.

As told earlier, the MA-40 is advertised as being medical grade and having a H13 class HEPA filter, but here is where things get a bit confusing, as H13 class is an air filter rating based on European standard (EN 1822-1:2009) meant for the filters having efficiency of up to 99.95% at 0.12-0.25 microns. But in USA, true HEPA filter efficiency is about 99.97% at 0.3 microns. And there is nowhere clear what standard it follows.

If we ignore the above, then we can conclude that spec wise the MA-40 seems like a great air purifier with its high specifications and beautiful design.


H13 class HEPA filter

Medical grade air purifier

no smell


non washable

Blue Pure 211+ Air Purifier For Smoke


The Blueair Blue Pure 211+ is a very powerful, high-performance air purifier from an established Swedish purifier brand named Blueair. Designed for medium to even large-sized rooms, what sets Blue air 211+ air purifier apart is its vibrant colour palette and impressive for price range specs. The Blueair Blue Pure 211+ boasts a cleaning range of up to 540 square feet and top it all with some impressive CADR ratings and you have got a winner here.

That is even more impressive when you consider thinking that the Blue Pure range of air purifiers is more of a budget end of products to the company’s world-class product catalogue of premium air purifiers.

What’s best is that the Blue Air 211+ is extremely energy-efficient, it uses about as much energy as a lightbulb would. And while it does not have a True HEPA filter in it, Blueair claims that their own unique particle filter is similar to the performance of the True HEPA filters. 

Size-wise, the 211+ is relatively portable for an air purifier capable of handling large rooms, which is commendable as it measures only 13 x 13 x 20 inches, and weighs in the neighbourhood of just 13 pounds.


Fantastic performance

Well-built for the price

Slightly quiet

Low-cost filter replacement


No True HEPA filter

Still no air sensor

No timer

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