Best Air Purifier For Smoke Under $200 – Quick Reviews and Buying Guide

Hathaspace Smart True HEPA Air Purifier


Hathaspace Smart True HEPA Air Purifier



The Hathaspace Smart HEPA air purifier somehow to be one of the best air purifiers for removing smoke from your enclosed room thanks to the HEPA technology.

This purifier filter is enabled to remove nothing less than up to 99.97% of smoke substances in the air for smoother breathing.

Some of the additional impurities the Hathaspace Smart can remove include pet hair, in-house odor, gas, dust, mold, pollen, as well as certain toxin particles in the air.

It obviously comes as a relief, knowing that your air is free from any kind of invincible health hating particles.

Hathaspace Smart HEPA air purifier comes possessing a core attribute that makes it distinct from other types of purifiers; it boasts to feature a whole 6 phases of filtration capabilities in it which allows performance delivery on it to be on the high scale.

The stages of filtration in this one includes a latest tech cold catalyst filter that picks unwanted particle from the air and removes them, a carbon filter for enhanced filtration operation, an antimicrobial filter meant to trap only germ and bacteria, a true HEPA filter, ionizer and a UV sterilizer.

 All these are meant to work for hand making the Hathaspace smart HEPA air purifier such a beauty.

  • Great-value air filters

  • Low budget, high value

  • Very quiet

  • Cheap build

  • Weak customer service



Winix 5300-2 Plasmawave Air Purifier with True HEPA


Winix 5300-2 Air Purifier with True HEPA


The Winix 5300-2 is a bigger and rectangular air purifier coming with a grey and black exterior on it. The control panel on the Winix 5300-2 sits neatly on the top and has perfectly etched buttons on it so the user knows what he’s doing. Compared to other competitive brand air purifiers, this one from Winix is much larger and wider, as opposed to a tower-style construction found on most air purifiers.

The user gets to choose the “auto” mode on this one which sums up that the air purifier will switch the fan speeds automatically for you, depending on the air quality around you. 

This is possible due to a “smart sensor” on the air purifier which senses and determines the quality of the air for it.

You also get 4 fan speeds on this one, namely; low, medium, high and turbo. You can manually select which speed you like as per your usage pattern.

Speaking of the earlier talked about air-quality smart sensor, you might think how would you as a user get to know what state the air is in around you? 

Well, to solve this, the Winix 5300-2 comes with an LED light panel on it which has 3 colours: blue (good), amber (fair) and red (bad), which changes according to the air quality.

 This gives you a fair idea of the condition of the air around you and provides much more context to help the user choose which fan speed to use.

  • very quiet

  • can reduce odors

  • help with allergy symptoms

  • Not much cost-effective

  • is louder than other brands. 


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