Purezone 3-in-1 True hepa Air Purifier Review

Pure Enrichment PureZone 3-in-1 Air PurifierWith a Mission statement of Inspiring balance, health, and wellness through premium, sleekly designed products that enhance the way you care for yourself, your home, and your family, firm Pure Enrichment have made a name for itself since it’s inception. Today this firm is a leading manufacturer of various air purifiers, home & and personal care products. And I am going to tell you about their best air purifier which will definitely suit your need if you are looking for a product which gives a sophisticated look but does not break your bank. The product I am talking about is Pure Enrichment PureZone 3-in-1 Air Purifier

Pure Enrichment PureZone 3-in-1 Air Purifier


Filter System Of PureZone 3-in-1 Air Purifier

Pure Enrichment PureZone 2-in-1 Air Purifier as the name suggests comes with a 3-layer filter system which is more than enough to clear out the dust particles, smoke in your room. The different layers in this air purifier are-

  1. Active Carbon pre-filter – This is the outermost layer of the product which is so powerful that all the bigger particles in the room will be cleaned with this layer. The dust particles and pet hair can easily be wiped off. This layer also acts as the protection for the HEPA filter and the Activated carbon filter which follows this layer.
  2. True HEPA Filter—Hepa Filter, as recognized by the govt. standards can clean pollutants as small as 0.3 microns. This layer is the most important one to look for an air purifiers since it keeps the air as purified as it needs to be. 
  3. Activated Carbon filter– This layer provides a cover against the smoke inside the room and the odors of the room. While something as big as bush fire cannot be dealt with but other smoke and odors can be well handled with this filter layer. 


Specifications of Pure Enrichment PureZone 3-in-1 Air Purifier

  • 3-speed Settings- This air purifier comes with 3 speed settings i.e. low, medium, and high. Unlike the other few products on our website, this one doesn’t come with auto mode, but it makes up for the other notable features and cost. The 3-speed settings are suitable for any home setting environment and effectively solves the purpose of an air purifier. 
  • Timer Settings– It can function regardless of your constant checking with its three timer settings. It can be timed for 2,4 and 8 hours as per the requirements. You can easily go to sleep keeping it on timer mode and it will do the trick.
  • Filter Reset Indicator– it also comes with an indicator to inform you about when you have changed the filters to make it work longer with low maintenance. 
  • UV-C Light Mode– This mode is optional and you can use it as per your needs. This mode can be activated by the toggle button on the top of the air purifier. With this option, you can deal with the virus, fungi, and bacteria in the air. Also, it will bring a breath of fresh air on this mode. 
  • 5 Year Warranty 

  • 3 filter HEPA layer

  • Timer Settings

  • UV-C Light Mode

  • Sleek design

  • Filter can be replaced easil

  • Absence of Auto Eco Mode

  • Only one color 



This air purifier is very low maintenance which makes it one of the top air purifiers in its category. The different filters need to be changed just once in six months and won’t add up to even 20% of the cost of the appliance. All the filters are easily available in the market and you won’t have to hassle to change the filters. 5-year warranty of the product is one of the highlights of how confident the manufacturers are about their product. The customer care services are available and very friendly. Even though the firm is California base, the service center is easily accessible though you won’t have to visit there for a long time from the purchase.  

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