Biota Bot Air MM208 Purifier Reviews 2021

Biota Bot Air MM208 Purifier
Biota Bot MM208 has made a niche market for themselves in the mid-segment range of air purifiers. What’s interesting about this organization is that they have built such air purifiers that they are competing with the high segment ones. Their flagship product Biota Bot MM208 is showcased at the front page of their official website because of its advanced technology added features and cheaper cost as compared to its competitors. In this article, let me guide you through all the necessary information you might need to make up your mind to buy this gorgeous air purifier. 


Filter System Of Biota Bot MM208

Biota Bot MM208 boasts one of the most advanced filter systems for an air purifier. This air purifier filter system is for those who appreciate the air quality at it’s best. As the company claims, it comes with 7 stages of filters, but I could find out about six of them only. The Six filters are-

  • Pre-filter—This is the basic filter that is present in almost all the air purifiers. This filter captures all the larger dust particles, pet hair, etc. It also keeps the HEPA filter clean and makes its life longer. This filter can easily be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner which is an added advantage.
  • True HEPA Filter– This filter is the most important of all since it is government recognized and can capture the dust particles with 0.3 microns in size. It can clean up to 99.97% of the particles. Small particles like 
  • Advanced Carbon Filter– This filter can clean up the odors which arise from smoke, pets etc. It will keep the air fresh to breathe. This filter can be cleaned just by placing it in direct sunlight.
  • Molecular Sieve Adsorption filter- The quality of adsorption can be improved with the thin granular carbon layer this air purifier boasts.
  • UV-C light filter– As mentioned in other articles on the website, most of the air purifiers these days come with this filter system. It can clean up the germs, viruses, and bacteria in the air.
  • Ionizer– This is a filter stage that can be manually turned on/off. It is to improve the efficiency of the air quality but because of concerns of ionizer creating ozone, the option is provided to use it as per one’s needs. Though point to note is that it is not harmful to you or your pet at all. 

Specifications of Biota Bot MM208

  • Power Indicator
  • 3-speed settings
  • Filter change light indicator
  • UV-C light controller button
  • Auto Mode
  • Timer settings
  • Sleep mode


Biota Bot MM208 is easier to maintain as compared to its competitors in the segment. The first two filters can be easily cleaned with a Vacuum cleaner and the carbon filter can be cleaned by just keeping it in direct sunlight. The filters will require to be changed once in 6-12 months but won’t cost you a fortune and can be changed very easily. Biota Bot has one of the best customer care services and will assist you in any case. 

  • 3-speed setting

  • One of the best in the segment

  • Easy to operate

  • Filters which can be Vacuum cleaned

  • Sleek Design

  • Fit for small & large spaces

  • It is not CARB Certified

  • It can be noisy at high fan speed 




In my opinion, if you are someone who wants to have a mid-segment product that gives you a luxury feel, then this is where you should end your search. This sir purifier boasts all the features which you might think you need off an air purifier and even more. From its speed settings to auto mode to multi-layer filter systems, this is a great buy that will serve your purposes for a long time. 

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